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What does a cognitive engagement cloud do?


Cognitive systems leverage the core skills our brain uses to think, read, learn, remember, reason, and pay attention. It all starts with understanding unstructured, ambiguous and complex language rules.

Cognitive computing platform
Cognitive engagement cloud


Today, machines are learning to contemplate, understand sentiments, think of the pros and cons of a situation. In short, machines are becoming capable of reasoning and deliberation; skills important to communicate with us.


With each interaction, a reaction and response, the machines are learning the art of tact. Today, it is possible for machines to interact with us, on almost all mediums - text and voice, across channels and languages, in a natural and human-like manner.

Conversational AI Platform
Cognitive business Solutions


Just like us, machines are also trained to learn with every interaction. This process of self-learning enables machines to improve over time and personalise their interactions more and more as they learn about the users.

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Why Yellow Messenger?

World' fastest growing cognitive engagement cloud

Best industry practices

Our customer success team and large partner ecosystem, with an experience of having deployed over 500 bots, works with you every step of the way from requirement gathering to implementation and post go-live support, ensuring that your bot is built on best industry practices and shows RoI within days of launch.

Faster time to value

Our comprehensive suite of enterprise connectors and pre-trained domain specific models ensure that the bots can integrate with your enterprise landscape within hours.

Freedom of choice

The platform supports cloud, on-prem as well as hybrid deployment models. The modular nature of the platform, functional marketplace bot offerings and pricing allows you to stay nimble and only buy what you need.

End-to-end platform

With features like application monitoring, testing framework and release management all built-in, our scalable enterprise-friendly platform eliminates the need to build and maintain any kind of bot infrastructure and middleware - making it the only conversational AI technology you will ever need.

Enterprise security and administration

We value your users’ privacy and have built it into the design of the platform - right from masking engine to data anonymisation and role-based access control.

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Become a cognitive enterprise today